Musidev v1.0

Your very own SoundCloud gate creation platform

Responsive Layout

Our script is built in the very famous and widely used Twitter Bootstrap framework, which is why we're perfect for every device. It's easy to edit, and well-documented. You can customize just about anything using just their documentation.

We Look Good

We just do! But if you're not a 100% pleased with our designs you're free to customize it yourself or see our custom design plan.


Combining the power of PHP & JS/jQeury in a LESS-compiled CSS framework, we have used the best tools to create a platform that is easy to use and very accessible. Want to display an artwork instead of an embed? EASY! It's all noted in our documentation. Trust us, you won't regret it.


We have in-depth statistics about your (user's) created gates showing your accumulated gate views and downloads, percentages and even individual statistics about each gate giving you and your users the right information, whenever they want.

Featured Track